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BeautiFill is the next generation of fat grafting and liposuction. BeautiFill streamlines the liposuction pro- cess, shortening procedure time, and increasing the quality of fat transfer methods. Alma’s unique laser technology uses simultaneous lasing and suctioning to simplify the procedure and shorten treatment time. The thermal energy inherent to its laser technology results in effective skin tightening, combining multiple steps, and optimizing every moment you spend in treatment.

Beautifill removes fat from areas that are not generally accessible using conventional liposuction methods, including the chin, face, and neck. LipoLife is also useful in areas with excessive fat deposits, as the technology can remove more fat in a given procedure. Also, Beautifill can be used for advanced fat graft- ing procedures. With Beautifill, we’re able to easily identify and remove larger amounts of high vitality fat while extracting less blood, serum, and oil than traditional mechanical liposuction methods. This high vitality fat is ideal for breast or buttocks augmentation, requiring a more considerable amount of fat to be effective.

BeautiFill is gentle and precise; the complete solution for body contouring with special attention paid to the patient’s comfort and recovery. The proprietary radial tip targets water in the area, creating a selective thermal environment that carefully softens and detaches fat for decisive, gentle removal. Beautifill is an Alma Laser technology, and as such, uses laser energy delivered to the tissue to cauterize blood vessel. This causes less bruising, swelling, and postoperative pain than traditional liposuction.

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One day I saw “Before & After BeautiFill” photos on ReNu’s social media–the results were amazing! After meeting with Dr. Youtsos, I decided to undergo the BeautiFill procedure myself, and I could not be more pleased with the results! Dr. Youtsos contoured areas of my body that had affected my confidence for years. Her contouring skills honestly made me look 20lbs lighter, and her post-op follow up was just as my friends and fellow ReNu patients said it was–beyond incredible! This year I wore a bikini for the first time in a decade, and I owe it all to Dr. Youtsos.

- Shawnee Lorenz

ReNu BeautiFill Client

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