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Dermal fillers–often referred to as simply “fillers”–are a minimally invasive, cost-effective route to more youthful skin. The gel-like substance is carefully injected beneath the skin by a skilled cosmetic practitioner.

After the injection, clients will notice renewed fullness, smoothed facial lines, and softened creases which naturally occur during the aging process. Over the past few years, celebrities like the Kardashians have catapulted dermal fillers’ popularity into the stratosphere, with over 1 million men and women undergoing dermal filler injectables each year.

Renu Medical and Spa Cosmetic Dermatology

“I recently had a procedure that used dermal filler on the tops of my hands. The results are fantastic! My hands are now smooth, and the veins that bothered me are no longer prominent.

I highly recommend Dr. Youtsos and staff.”

- Susie Drenik

ReNu Dermal Filler Client

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