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Alma Femi-Lift technology provides innovative care for various feminine-centred concerns. Over the years, treatments for feminine-genital health have evolved to address several challenges women may face, from post-childbirth, post-menopause, and post-cancer symptoms to aesthetic and sexual function improvements.

Minimally-invasive, Femi-Lift incorporates CO2 technology to offer fast, painless treatments without anesthesia or downtime. Alma’s high-powered CO2 laser gently heats targeted vaginal tissue, stimulating the formation of new collagen, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. You are left with enhanced sensitivity, better contraction of the existing tissue, increased vaginal tightness, and improved sexual satisfaction.

FemiLift’s rejuvenation addresses overall problems with vaginal dryness and recurrent infections by treating the vulva-vaginal tissue, improving lubrication and normalizing vaginal PH and flora, which enhances the local immune system’s response to chronic vaginal infections.

Femi-Lift is also a safe and effective treatment for Stress Incontinence (SUI), a condition that affects millions of women every year. Symptoms of SUI include involuntary urine leakage as a result of pelvic support structure damage. Femi-Lift stimulates collagen renewal, achieved through a deep thermal effect, treating the entire pre-urethral space, thickening vaginal walls and providing support.

Postpartum is a crucial—and sometimes difficult—period in a woman’s life. Due to the weakening of the pelvic floor, the vaginal area may feel stretched or dry, causing incontinence and pain. The Femi-Lift CO2 laser treatment works to rehabilitate the vaginal area, toning, strengthening, and reinforcing vaginal tissue. Femi-Lift can also rejuvenate vaginal lining for post-menopause symptoms, increasing thickness of vaginal walls, restoring lubrication, and reducing uncomfortable itching, burning and friction.

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I recently experienced incontinence for the first time, and I could not believe it–I am so not ready to wear depends. I had a very large baby that was 10 1/2 pounds! The procedure was so easy; I was pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend the procedure, and am so glad I took the plunge and gave it a try!

- Mary

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