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Varicose or “spider” veins are a common frustration for aging men and women. Laser vein therapy treatment has proven an effective solution, by dramatically reducing or eliminating spider veins’ appearance. Spider veins are often hereditary, meaning they’re a genetically-driven aesthetic manifestation. They also have been proven to occur in individuals that spend considerable time working while standing.

With laser vein therapy, laser heat effectively closes spider veins by damaging their structure. This damage is not visible outside of the body, and it allows tissue to form so that the veins close internally. Closed veins die without a blood source, eventually disappearing altogether.

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I have had numerous laser vein treatments with Dr. Jackie and I truly recommend her. She’s so kind, professional, and knowledgeable about the procedures she performs.

Not only do my legs look cosmetically better, but, being an avid walker, the aches and pains have subsided.

I would highly recommend Dr. Youtsos and the ReNu team, and am thankful their gorgeous practice is located right here in Pittsburg.

- Susie Lundy

ReNu Laser Vein Therapy Client

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